It’s Saturday evening, exactly a week after the farewell banquet at Woodstock, and we’ve been in Liverpool for four nights. I’ve connected my mobile phone. We’ve more or less got over our jet lag and loss of sleep. On Monday we go to see our first prospective house.

In June 2014 we finished 12 years working at Woodstock, an international school in the Indian Himalaya. We told the story of our last 12 months there in a blog called Groundhog Year, which you can read here. After such an intense experience, it’s hard to imagine what will come next. But when it does, I’ll write about it.

January 2016: I finally managed to turn all the India blogs into an ebook. You can download it here.

September 2016: I started training as a Methodist local preacher. I’m blogging about it here.

You’ll also find a page about my music, mostly recorded in India with various friends, and under “Work” you can see what we have been up to during our working lives – in case you have an interesting project for our retirement.

We enjoy travelling. Here’s where we’ve been so far (March 2016)


Pete and Dot Wildman grew up in Liverpool, and worked at Woodstock School in India for 12 years. They returned to the UK in June 2014 and are busy learning how to live in England.



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