Free ebook: the whole 12 years in India

Amazon Kindle format

Mobi format

ePub format

The blogs on which the ebook is based.

Groundhog Year – our last year at Woodstock School, recorded in painful detail (as in the ebook, but with all the pictures).

WildyBlog November 2009-June 2013 – the short-lived Posterous, transferred to WordPress (also part of the ebook).

WildyLog 2002-2009 – no longer available – part of the ebook.

One of the travel blogs. I must find the others..

Middle East trip, December-January 2009-2010.

youtube_32 YouTube – for videos.

We travelled back to England in November 2005 for my Dad’s funeral. You can download his memoirs. He was born in 1924, so his recollections give many fascinating glimpses of life in Liverpool during the 20th century, including the part he played in a celebrated murder trial, the Wallace Case. Memoirs of James “Al” Wildman


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