Pete writes: This is a page about my music. While at Woodstock I have made five albums, alone or with friends. You can listen to them all at Bandcamp or by clicking the links below.

I spent my teenage years playing in Christian outreach bands. Inspired by connecting with Eddie Boyes of the Crossbeats, I decided to write about it. Warning: this will only be of interest if you share some of my history! You can download the pdf here.

CDcover Circle_seeds_cover_small voiceless museum city

Nobody’s Fault But Ours: an album of blues, gospel and folk music, featuring guitar, sitar and fiddle. A collaboration with Sanjeeb Sircar and Louise Bamber, Woodstock School colleagues.

A Million Seeds: more blues, folk and old southern gospel, this time with Amy Seefeldt (voice, flute and whistle) and Louise Bamber (fiddle).

Voiceless: a solo instrumental album, with guitars, mandolin, banjo, ‘oud and various other instruments.

A Night at the Museum: a recreation of music from my first Christian band in Liverpool, “Time Limited”, 1967-69.

City on a Hill: songs about Mussoorie and Woodstock School, another solo project.

Celtic and Prayer Songs: many based on prayers by David Adam (with permission). Feel free to use them if you like them.


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